Orange County Infiniti Dealer Showcases New Infiniti Service Feature – Infiniti Personal Assistant

How would you like to have someone dedicated to helping you manage your life? Not just the big things, but all the little questions that take up most of your day? Infiniti of Mission Viejo wants  to provide you with just that person – really, a whole fleet of people!

When you buy a new Infiniti, you will receive up to four years of your own personal corporate concierge service. The Infiniti Personal Assistant can find you the answer to any question you may have or perform any errand service you require. The motto is Anything. Anytime. Anywhere.

Your Own Personal Assistant

With one quick phone call, you can have someone find out where your favorite sports team is playing that night, make dinner reservations for you, book your flight or email you tomorrow’s weather report. Very simply, think of having your own employee that solves your problems for you throughout the day.

Using your Infiniti Personal Assistant is as easy as dialing the number you receive with the free trial or purchase of your next Infiniti vehicle. This number is located in the Infiniti Personal Assistant packet; we will also help program it in to your speed-dial on your mobile phone. When dialed, your virtual office assistant will answer the phone with all the of the data they have collected from you in front of them. Remember, the Infiniti Personal Assistant is available to you anytime, even if your car is Los Angeles and you’re in New York.

Sound too good to be true? Try it for yourself – free!

Experience the luxury of having someone dedicated to making your life simpler and easier - just by coming in to the dealership. Enjoy a free 30-day trial where you will have the chance to put the Infiniti Personal Concierge service to the toughest test: yours. So while you enjoy having more free time than you’ve ever had before, your VIP concierge will handle your day-to-day errands.

Stop in to Infiniti of Mission Viejo and find out more about the Infiniti Personal Assistant – and start your free trial today! No purchase necessary – call us at 949-916-4200.