The All New 2014 Infiniti Q50 for Sale at Infiniti of Mission Viejo

Two touch screens, LED headlights, Blind Spot Intervention System, 96 customizable car options, yes - It is finally here.

Get excited. We are thrilled to introduce the arrival of the breathtaking 2014 Infiniti Q50 at Infiniti of Mission Viejo.

With this beautiful new vehicle, comes a reinvention; a change in the naming formula for all Infiniti Models. All models from now on will be replaced with a Q, as our new Infiniti Q50 replaces the Infiniti G37. All Sedans will now begin with a Q, followed by a two digit number, and SUV's will start with  QX, followed by a two digit number as well.  These two digit numbers indicate the rank or grandure of the car, so an Infiniti Q70 will be bigger than an Infiniti Q50. Although this is a drastic change, it will help the brand ascend the premium car market. 

The features on this vehicle are more enhanced, and better than ever.   In touch and new technology features include two touch screens that interact with another, which includes an app system that connects you to the digital world from your car. Hence, these apps integrate with your smart phones.  The Q50 also comes with two intelligence keys, this is a new technology that stores your personalizations (96 customizable options). Each key can be personalized to you and one other drivers', and will immediately prep for the driver as soon as the door unlocks.

Some of the real world conveniences that we're excited about are: premium and sport trim including a folding 60/40 split rear seat, an optional high beam assist where it automatically changes the high beams to the low beams for better safety for yourself and other drivers, and intelligence keys that act as remotes that can open up windows from a distance without getting into the car.

The safety features are so advanced to the point where the vehicle recognizes if you are merging into a different lane and will move itself back into your lane, they come one huge step closer to preventing collisions. Optional Infiniti Q50 safety features include: intelligent cruise control system, predictive forward collision warning, forward emergency braking, blind spot intervention and warning system, distance control assist, active lane control, and so much more.

What's really new and is a first ever technology that is available in a production car is the Direct Adaptive Steering system.  This controls the steering inputs  electronically and independently in order to translate the drivers intentions to the wheels more accurately and quicker than a traditional mechanical linkage.

Also keep in mind that the Infiniti Q50 is also available as a hybrid. The vehicle is currently here in our showroom at Infiniti of Mission Viejo for viewing, and will be available for sale on July 4th, so preorder now!